English Story Time (2 to 8 years)

Children love to hear stories; it ignites their imagination and stimulates creative thinking. It expands their vocabulary and they start to understand nouns, verbs & adjectives, sequencing and predicting, rhyme & rhythm. StoryTime is especially appealing as the story comes to life in a 3D dimension, with beautifully designed story books, puppets and scenery. Children can hold the soft toy character puppets and participate in telling the story. After the story, a small arts and craft activity related to the story will be made.

The course is for one hour, once a week for eight-weeks. The minimum number to start a class is 3 and the maximum is 8.

Our funny story-sacks include: "Peter and the Wolf", "Old MacDonald", "Elma", "Owl Babies", "The Train Ride", "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"... and many more ....

English Storytime I: (2 - 4 Years)

English Storytime II: (4 - 6 Years)

English Storytime III: (6 - 8 Years)
newborn ~ 11/2 years

11/2 ~ 3 years

3 ~ 5 years

5 ~ 7 years

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